Get Your Sexy On (without Harming the Earth)

Did you know that the fashion industry contributes 4% of global waste each year?
In view of this, Elma Lingerie is made-to-order because we’re passionate about reducing waste and sustainable manufacturing. We believe that in this modern age, luxury should also be socially and environmentally responsible.

When you buy from a made-to-order business like us, you receive the option of custom tailoring. Whether it’s a change of color, add the extra support that you need, or even change the color of the lining, Elma Lingerie can make it happen. Crafting everything to order means no excess stock for us and guilt-free luxury for you. Win/Win! 

Ophelia Olive bralette work in progress

Lining options clockwise from top right: rose, chocolate, mocha, caramel, peach.

Genevieve Appliqué bralette in custom color Ivory